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bye bye 2009! I never thought I would be so happy to have this year be over, but it's not too surprising when I have so much to look forward to in 2010.
Today is technically January 6th, so my beautiful baby girl is due today. I wish she'd come now, I just want to see her. I love her more everyday, and I can't wait to be a mom.
Come on, Kailey, it's time to get out of mommy! She wants to see you! Ahhh!

No long rants about the past year this time, because I don't need to. I took everything in stride, and I don't need to let go of anything.
I have a loving boyfriend, even when things are rocky, we make it work.
My kitty is so silly, and I love her.
My mom and I are talking.
My dad and I aren't fighting.
I just want my bundle of joy to come out.
I get along with my boyfriend's family.
I have a job.

The only thing that could be better is if I had more money, but who doesn't want that?

Thank you, LiveJournal. But I think I'm done with this journal. I have someone to talk to about everything that bothers me.

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my name is aysha.
i like old cameras from the 1970's.
i'm artistic.
i like painting.
bubble tea is yummy.
and i can't get enough chai.
space is awesome. i want a spaceship.
giraffes, well they're a pretty sweet animal.
i have a boyfriend.
and i love him
i laugh a lot.
and i still text too much.

but this journal? this is private.